Transforming raw data into knowledge

Calibre Complex is a young biomedical data analysis company for clinical and translational research that helps companies and researchers manage their data.

Calibre Complex dedicated team, with many years of experience in research and manuscript publication, offers expertise in different areas of medicine to help researchers take their research from analysis to publication in high-impact journals.

Why to choose us?

Because we have the experience and the means to enhance your high-quality research.

What do we offer?

AYour data is your wealth, and our goal is to design the best statistical analysis strategy according to the desired objectives, providing (as a differential value) our deep knowledge of clinical practice.

Design and development of clinical and basic studies.

Database development

Basic and advanced statistical analysis (Machine Learning and artificial intelligence)

Critical analysis of results

Writing of scientific manuscripts for publication

Who are we?

We are a multidisciplinary team that combines an exceptional talent in data analysis with a proven clinical and research experience


Alejandro Rodríguez Oviedo MD,PhD ,MSc

Physician, intensivist and infectious disease consultant with PhD in Medicine and master’s in bioinformatics and Biostatistics.
Since 2010, he has planned and coordinated clinical research and innovation projects (national and international) aimed at answering clinical questions and providing solutions applying machine learning techniques.


Ignacio Martín Loeches MD, PhD, FJFICMI

Physician, intensivist and consultant in infectious diseases with a PhD in Medicine. International opinion leader on infectious diseases and inflammation with extensive experience in planning and coordinating clinical research and innovation projects (national and international).